Introduction to Project Templates

Liferay provides project templates that you can use to generate starter projects formatted in an opinionated way. These templates can be used by most build tools (e.g., Gradle, Maven, Dev Studio) to generate your desired project structure.

If you’re using Blade CLI, execute the following command to display a full list of project templates:

blade create -l

If you’re using Maven, you can view and use the project templates as Maven archetypes. Execute the following command to list them:

mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=liferay

Archetypes with the com.liferay.project.templates prefix are the latest templates offered by Liferay.

If you’re using Dev Studio, navigate to FileNewLiferay Module Project and view the project templates from the Project Template Name drop-down menu.

In this section of reference articles, each project template is outlined with the appropriate generation command and folder structure. Visit the project template article you’re most interested in to start building your own project!

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