Converting Plugins SDK Projects with Blade CLI

Blade CLI can automatically migrate a Plugins SDK project to a Liferay Workspace. During the process, the Ant-based Plugins SDK project is copied to the applicable workspace folder based on its project type (e.g., wars) and is converted to a Gradle-based Liferay Workspace project. This drastically speeds up the migration process when upgrading to a Liferay Workspace from a legacy Plugins SDK.

To copy your Plugins SDK project and convert it to Gradle, use the Blade convert command:

  1. Navigate to the root folder of your workspace in a command line tool.

  2. Execute the following command:


    You must provide the path of the Plugins SDK your project resides in and the project name you want to convert. If you prefer converting all the Plugins SDK projects at once, replace the project name variable with -a (i.e., specifying all plugins).

    This Gradle conversion process also works for themes; they’re converted to automatically leverage NodeJS. If you’re converting a Java-based theme, add the -t option to your command too. This will incorporate the Theme Builder Gradle plugin for the theme instead. For more information on upgrading 6.2 themes, see the Upgrade a 6.2 Theme to 7.2.

Your project is successfully converted to a Gradle-based workspace project! Great job!

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