The Liferay IntelliJ plugin provides support for Liferay DXP development in IntelliJ IDEA. Liferay’s IntelliJ plugin provides the following built-in features:

  • Creating a Liferay Workspace (Gradle and Maven based)
  • Creating Liferay projects (Gradle and Maven based)
  • Liferay DXP Tomcat/Wildfly server support for project deployment and debugging
  • Support for adding line markers for each entity in the service editor
  • Syntax checking, highlighting, and code completion (e.g., Bnd and XML files)

In these articles, you’ll learn how to install the Liferay IntelliJ plugin and leverage its features to improve Liferay development with IntelliJ IDEA.

« Maven in Dev StudioInstalling the Liferay IntelliJ Plugin »
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