Asset Display Page Taglib

Once you have created an Asset Display Page associated with your Asset type, you can add the option to select an Asset Display Page in the form where you create the Asset. The <liferay-asset:select-asset-display-page /> taglib renders a form field for selecting an Asset Display Page for your asset.

There are three options when selecting a display page:

  • The default display page for the asset type if one has been configured.

  • Any other selectable display page.

  • None

If you select no default display page, a display page is not defined.

Display Page Attributes

When you use the display page selector taglib, you can define the following attributes:

classNameId (long) (required): a class name ID of the asset type to select an asset display page for.

classPK (long): a primary key of the asset entry to select an asset display page for.

classTypeId (long): a class type ID of the asset type to select an asset display page for.

eventName (String): event name which fires when a user selects a display page using the item selector.

groupId (long) (required): the entity’s group ID to select an asset display page for.

showPortletLayouts (boolean): allow selection of pages that have Asset Publisher configured as a default Asset Publisher for the page.

The attribute showPortletLayout provides backwards compatibility for display pages created for Journal Articles in older versions. When showPortletLayouts is set to true, you can select any public or private pages with an Asset Publisher widget on it configured as the Default Asset Publisher for the page.

When submitting a form with the taglib, it populates the request with the following parameters:

displayPageType (int): 1 = Default, 2 = Specific, 3 = None.

assetDisplayPageId (long): ID of selected Asset Display Page.

layoutUuid: Layout UUID in case of a portlet page with default Asset Publisher.

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