Recommendations for Using ADTs

You’ve harnessed a lot of power by learning to leverage the ADT API. Be careful, for with great power, comes great responsibility! To that end, you’ll learn about some practices you can use to optimize your portlet’s performance and security.

First let’s talk about security. You may want to hide some classes or packages from the template context, to limit the operations that ADTs can perform on your portal. Liferay provides some portal system settings, which can be accessed by navigating to Control PanelConfigurationSystem SettingsTemplate EnginesFreeMarker Engine, to define the restricted classes, packages, and variables. In particular, you may want to add serviceLocator to the list of default values assigned to the FreeMarker Engine Restricted variables.

Application Display Templates introduce additional processing tasks when your portlet is rendered. To minimize negative effects on performance, make your templates as minimal as possible by focusing on the presentation, while using the existing API for complex operations. The best way to make Application Display Templates efficient is to know your template context well, and understand what you can use from it. Fortunately, you don’t need to memorize the context information, thanks to Liferay’s advanced template editor!

To navigate to the template editor for ADTs, go to the Site Admin menu and select ConfigurationApplication Display Templates and then click Add and select the specific portlet on which you decide to create an ADT.

The template editor provides fields, general variables, and util variables customized for the portlet you chose. These variable references can be found on the left-side panel of the template editor. You can use them by simply placing your cursor where you’d like the variable placed, and clicking the desired variable to place it there. You can learn more about the template editor in the Styling Widgets with Application Display Templates section.

Finally, don’t forget to run performance tests and tune the template cache options by modifying the Resource modification check field in System SettingsTemplate EnginesFreeMarker Engine.

The cool thing about ADTs is the power they provide to your portlets, providing infinite ways of editing your portlet to provide new interfaces for your portal users. Be sure to configure your FreeMarker templates appropriately for the most efficient customization process.

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