Blogs Image Properties Moved to OSGi Config


After installing 7.2 fix pack 1 the blogs.image.max size and blogs.image.extentions settings do not persist.


The blogs.image. portal properties have been modularized and need to be set in the Control Panel or with a .config file.  The portal properties will no longer take effect.

Control Panel Configuration

  1. As a portal administrator, go to: Control Panel → Configuration → System Settings → Blogs → File Uploads configuration page
  2. For each extension you have in blogs.image.extensions, check if the extension is already present in one of the Allowed Blogs Image File Extensions fields. Click on the trash icon near each value you don't want to allow. Click on the + icon near some value to add the additional ones
  3. Set the correct values for the property Maximum Blogs Image Size from the value you have in blogs.image.max.size
  4. Save the configuration

Config file Configuration

1. Create a text file named: 

2. Add the following to the file and save:

imageExtensions=[ \
".gif", \
".jpeg", \
".jpg", \
".png", \

3. Place the file in $liferay_home/osgi/configs

Additional Information 

Starting from 7.2 fix pack 1, the following properties related to blogs images have been deprecated and moved:

 # Set the maximum file size for images stored with blogs entries. The images
# can be uploaded using an Alloy Editor, Cover Image, or Image Selector. A
# value of 0 for the maximum file size can be used to indicate unlimited
# file size. However, the maximum file size allowed is set in the property
# "com.liferay.portal.upload.UploadServletRequestImpl.max.size". The default
# value is 5 mb.

# Set valid file extensions for blog images. A file extension of * will
# permit all file extensions.

As a result, if you configured these properties, the values will no longer be read by the portal.

For more information, please see LPS-95298

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