How to get siteId

Several APIs (generally all collection APIs) need the siteId parameter to to execute requests. The siteId is the internal identifier of the Site where that content was created.

Using siteId or siteKey

In all the APIs available from 7.2 GA2+, the siteKey is also accepted as a valid parameter. The siteKey is the external name of the Site (for example Guest).

In the REST APIs, you can use siteKey in all the places that expect a siteId; in GraphQL APIs, there are two different parameters: siteId and siteKey.

Using the siteKey is recommended over siteId in all situations because it’s more recognizable, doesn’t expose an internal parameter, and doesn’t change in import/export processes.

Obtain siteId

There are several ways to retrieve the siteId:

  • Use the Site API to query it by name, friendly URL or in the list of a User’s Sites.

  • From Liferay DXP’s UI in the Site Administration menu (not recommended).

  • From the Group table in the database (not recommended).

  • From the ThemeDisplay object in JavaScript or Java:


Figure 1: GraphQL BlogPostings definition

Figure 1: GraphQL BlogPostings definition

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