Multipart Requests

Several mutations accept a binary file via a multipart request. For example, the definition for posting a file to a DocumentFolder specifies a multipart request, Upload type in GraphQL:

Figure 1: Create Document accepts a multipartBody.

Figure 1: Create Document accepts a `multipartBody`.

The GraphQL specification doesn’t support natively multipart uploads, but an extension contributed by the community covers that use case.

Liferay’s implementation includes that extension and allows uploading files.

Multipart support in GraphQL is disabled by default. To enable it, add the configuration to upload multipart files in the Liferay application’s web.xml file:

        <servlet-name>Module Framework Servlet</servlet-name>

To test, use the Altair configuration to upload files. Use the selector to upload one or multiple files and define a variable in the query.

Figure 2: Creating a Document in Altair is easy with the selector.

Figure 2: Creating a Document in Altair is easy with the selector.

mutation($file: [Upload]) {
  createSiteDocument(multipartBody: $file, siteKey: "guest") {

The variable above is file because there’s only one. If you wanted to upload several files, name the variable $files and each file should have a numeric sequence: files.0, files.1, files.2, etc.

All multipart APIs allow sending a JSON file containing the file’s metadata (title, description, etc.). That parameter should be the second file uploaded (defined using the file.0, file.1 syntax).

For example,

document={\"title\": \"Alternative name\"}"

And here’s the response:

  "data": {
    "createSiteDocument": {
      "id": 37701,
      "title": "99-rest-generator.markdown"

The cURL request is slightly different (Altair fills out the variables):

curl 'http://localhost:8080/o/graphql' -H 'Authorization: Basic dGVzdEBsaWZlcmF5LmNvbTp0ZXN0' \
-F operations='{"query":"mutation($files: [Upload]) {createSiteDocument(multipartBody: $files, siteId: 20122) {id}}","variables": { "files": [null] } }' \
-F map='{ "0": ["variables.files.0"]}' \
-F 0=@"99-rest-generator.markdown"
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