Third-Party Paid Apps Activation Support Policy

This article specifies the Liferay Support Policy for activating 3rd-party paid apps from the Liferay Marketplace. Currently, app licenses are not fully compatible with virtualized environments due to specific license requirements. The customer is responsible for fulfilling these requirements through system configuration. 

Policy Details

Activating a 3rd-party Marketplace app can be done either through a *.xml license file or through an online connection, by using an Order ID. Both methods rely on the following server information:

  • hostname
  • IP address
  • MAC address

The screenshot below shows where 3rd-party app customers can register their server to obtain a *.xml license file.



The app will deactivate if the information listed above changes. This is common in virtualized environments, where the system is not running on the same physical server(s).

In order to keep the paid app active in a virtualized environment, a customer can configure their system to have a static IP address. If the IP address is the only field that does not change, the customer will need to register with a *.xml license file where the hostname and MAC address fields are empty.

Additional Information

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