DXP 7.3 Patching Source Code [Functionality Change]


  • Can I patch DXP 7.3 in source mode?
  • Where can I access DXP 7.3 fix pack and hotfix source code?


  • DXP 7.3


  • In an effort to improve the delivery of Liferay patches, we've now removed the source code from patch files.
  • Prior to DXP 7.3, fix packs and hotfixes have been large in size due to the patching logic written to handle JAR /. lpkg files as complete archive files. For example, even though a given patch may contain a single change, it was required to download the entire patch complete with all JARs.
  • Now, instead of working with complete archive files, Patching Tool will handle individual files. Moreover, patches will only contain the changes allowing for the ability to patch one class in a JAR instead of replacing the whole .lpkg.

What has changed regarding DXP 7.3?

  1. The source code has been transferred to a centralized Github repository
  2. Each fix pack release is tagged in this repository
  3. The use of the Patching Tool to patch the source is no longer available

With this modification we can keep fix packs and hotfixes smaller and faster and share source code in a way that is more convenient for our customers.

How can customers adjust to this change?

If you are upgrading from earlier DXP versions, here are the most important changes that you need to be aware of:

  • The ./patching-tool.sh diff command is replaced by the option to view diff changes in GitHub for the commits included in a patch.
  • Source patching using the Patching Tool is no longer available and there is no replacement for this option.
  • The source code in the GitHub repository can be cloned, however it cannot be compiled since it does not contain build files.

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