What do each of the Filter and Order options do when viewing assets within Web Content Administration in the Control Panel?


  • When viewing assets within Web Content Administration, there is a "Filter and Order" button with various options available for the currently visible results (present when viewing all content, content in a specific folder, or content returned by a search). What do each of these configuration options do?


  • DXP 7.0
  • DXP 7.1
  • DXP 7.2
  • DXP 7.3


Within Web Content Administration, the Management Toolbar contains three primary ways to sort and filter web content: Filter by Navigation, Filter by Status, and Order By -- the two "filter" options will remove assets from the list and only show results that match the selected criteria, while the "order" options will take the visible options (not filtering out any) and sort them as desired. The following descriptions are based on the current options within Liferay's latest version, 7.3, though most of these options are available and have the same functionality in earlier versions, as well:

  • Filter by Navigation filters out content to only include select assets based on commonly useful navigation options, pulling results from all web content folders on a site (and not necessarily only results from the currently selected folder filter or from a search keyword filter). The available options are:
    • All: Shows all assets and folders based on their parent/child navigation structure
    • Mine: All content which was last edited by the currently logged in user
      • Note: An asset will only be "designated" for one user at a time within this filter. There is a current feature request to improve on this functionality to add options for users to see additional collaborators (authors, editors, translators, etc.) on specific assets, which can be followed at LPS-120176.
    • Recent: Content that was recently modified, displaying the most recently edited assets first
      • Note: Unlike the other Filter by Navigation choices, this option cannot be used simultaneously with one of the other "Order by" selections
    • Structures: Provides a secondary popup window where a user can choose to only display assets created using a specific Web Content Structure
  • Filter by Status filters the currently displayed content based on their publication status, pulling results only from the current web content folder and/or search view. The available options are:
    • Any: Shows all assets within the web content folder and/or search regardless of their publication status
    • Draft: Assets where a newer version has been saved (adding the "draft" status), which is not currently published
      • Note: This applies to both published assets with a newer draft version, as well as assets that have never been previously published
    • Scheduled: Assets that have a display date set for sometime in the future, which are not currently published
    • With Approved Versions: All assets that are currently published, where the most recent version is not in a Draft/Expired status
    • With Expired Versions: All assets that display all articles with at least one expired version
      • Note: This does not only include assets where all versions are expired, and will additionally show assets when an initial version was published and expired before a new version of the content was scheduled or published
  • Order By rearranges all assets being viewed by the current filters, based on the selected criteria, and can be sorted in either ascending or descending order -- the available options are:
    • Display Date: Sorts assets by their configured display date
    • Modified Date: Sorts assets by how recently modified they are
    • Title: Sorts assets alphabetically by their title

Additional Information

  • One selection from each category can be chosen at a time to further focus results depending on a user's current use case (with a few exclusions, such as the "Recent" filter) -- for example, selecting "Mine," "Scheduled," and "Title" will display a) content most recently modified by the currently logged in user, which is b) currently scheduled to be published sometime in the future, with the results c) being ordered alphabetically.
  • Similar filtering and ordering options are also present in the Control Panel for other types of content as well, such as Documents, Forms, and Blogs, which can be used to sort the content in ways comparable to the methods described above.
  • If you have included a Management Toolbar in a custom development, its options can also be personalized to add or remove options, as described in this Help Center documentation
  • The Management Toolbars included out-of-the-box cannot be easily customized, but a feature request (LPS-155931) to improve this exists.
  • More information on content creation and management can be found in the following articles:


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