Known Issue: Staging publications in the Global site fail due to duplicate categories after upgrade from 7.0 to 7.3


  • After upgrading our 7.0 bundle (where we had some categories in the Global site used for various assets) to 7.3, the vocabularies look to be duplicated in the post-upgrade environment (one list that cannot be edited/deleted), and new staging publishing events in the Global site are failing to complete due to the following UI error:

    An unexpected error occurred with the publication process. Please check your portal and publishing configuration.
    The Category Vocabulary Topic could not be imported because of the following error: A category vocabulary with the name topic already exists.

  • A similar error such as the following can also be observed in the logs:

    ERROR [liferay/background_task-4][LoggerExportImportLifecycleListener:400] Staged model {class: com.liferay.asset.kernel.model.AssetVocabulary, groupId: 31317, uuid: 05ae9829-e66a-98de-55b4-c72f8ecf0b15} import failed
    com.liferay.asset.kernel.exception.DuplicateVocabularyException: A category vocabulary with the name topic already exists


  • DXP 7.3


  • Regular publishing functionality can be restored by installing a fix pack or hotfix including the fix for LPS-142376, which is presently planned for release within a future fix pack

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