7.4 styled custom themes not working properly


  • When applying a styled based custom theme to a page in 7.4, header and other elements are misplaced and when you click the three elipsis button of a widget, options show up in the incorrect location.



  • Liferay 7.4 and Liferay Theme Generator 10.1.0.


  • The official solution for this will be implemented in https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-142928.
  • Until a new version for the generator is released, there is a workaround that can be easily applied:
    • Change, in package.json file of the generated theme, the following devDependencies:
"liferay-frontend-theme-styled": "6.0.2",
"liferay-frontend-theme-unstyled": "6.0.2",


"liferay-frontend-theme-styled": "6.0.14",   
"liferay-frontend-theme-unstyled": "6.0.15",
    • Install the new dependencies through npm i
    • Redeploy your them: gulp deploy
  • Your custom theme should be working fine after this.

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