Change the GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID cookie to expire Null


  • The Guest language ID cookie in Liferay has a one-year expiration, whereas the undefined cookie in the F5 balancer caused the conflict. Is there a way to modify the Cookie's duration in Liferay?


  • Liferay DXP 7.0


  • The property session.enable.persistent.cookies=false will make the portal stop adding and checking the persistent cookies (, but it will not delete or expire the cookies that already exist. For users that already have the cookie stored in their browser, they will need to clear those cookies via the browser. Aside from this property, Liferay doesn't have anything on the portal to control the cookie GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID out-of-the-box.

Additional Information

  • There are a few workarounds that can be suggested here:
    • Try to change the configuration of the F5 with respect to the handling of the sticky session and the cookie JSESSIONID that needs to be changed by Hash persistence.
    • Try to pick up another load balancer like Nginx or Apache and validate if the error happens at this level as well. 
    • Another suggestion would be for users to change the date in the cookie from F5 to one year so that it matches Liferay's expiration date.
    • Sticky session with apache web server and tomcat servers
  • Third-party technology providers are in charge of fixing flaws in their technologies. For more information, users should contact the appropriate third-party technology vendor.
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