Internet Browsers Supported by Liferay Help Center

The Liferay Help Center has been tested with the browsers listed below. Older browsers can still be used, but newer features may not look or work as intended. We recommend that you always use the current version of a browser. Most browsers provide an option for automatic updates.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser to allow for full use of Liferay Help Center. For example, without JavaScript, certain parts of Liferay Help Center, including drop-down lists on ticket forms, don't work correctly.

These browsers are supported on desktop:

  • Google Chrome: latest two versions
  • Mozilla Firefox: latest two versions
  • Apple Safari: latest two versions
  • Microsoft Edge: latest two versions

Some popular, industry-standard browsers restrict how cookies are recognized and used. For more information, see Zendesk support for cookie-restricted browsers (Safari, Chrome).

For end-user pages only, these browsers are supported on mobile:

  • Apple Safari on iOS 9 and higher
  • Google Chrome Mobile for Android: latest version
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