Link page in fragments in 7.3


  • In 7.3, contrary to 7.4, it is not possible to select a page using the type='link' tag in a fragment. Only 'content' and 'URL' options are available. This feature would be very useful to, for example, avoid creating as many manual URL links as languages needed.


  • Liferay 7.3 and 7.2


  • This could be achieved by taking advantage of 'Link to Page' type of field of structures:
    •  Add a new web content structure with a 'Link to Page' field.
    • Add a new template for the structure:
      • Click on the 'Link to Page' field
      • Delete the HTML content generated in the editor.
      • Keep in the editor only the variable containing the friendlyUrl of the page. Something like:
    • Add a new web content based on the recently created structure. Fill the 'Link to Page' field to the desired site page.
    • Map your fragment's editable link from this content field.

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