Log file size is 0


  • Why the other log files size is 0. The files are "host-manager.xxxx-xx-xx.log, localhost.xxxx-xx-xx.log, manager.xxxx-xx-xx.log".


  • Liferay DXP 7.2


  • The other log files "host-manager.xxxx-xx-xx.log, localhost.xxxx-xx-xx.log, manager.xxxx-xx-xx.log" will be 0 in size until unless those have been configured through logging.properties. 

Additional Information

Please Note: The following procedures and unofficial link involve custom implementation ideas that are beyond the scope of Liferay Support. Please exercise appropriate discretion in the use of this information. For further assistance on the implementation ideas from Liferay, please reach out to our dedicated GS team. Your sales representative is a great resource to discover the connectivity with the GS team to know more about it in detail.

  • Detailed information about the same is described in this blog "Liferay and Tomcat logging".  Please have a look at it for the complete reference.
  • Below is the example from the unofficial thread "difference between localhost.log, catalina.log, manager.log, host-manager.log".
    • localhost_access (only one defined in server.xml) the access log (= all requests like in httpd),
    • localhost the log of the host and finally
    • host-manager and manager the logs of the related web applications.

    Here a commented example to try help you read logging.properties:

    # log on the host "localhost"
    # log on the host "localhost" for the webapp foo

    More generally the pattern is:

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