Configuration of Flag notification Email sender addresses and names


  • Flag content warning (e.g. when a user reports a thread on a Message Board as inappropriate) is not sent to admins despite changing the email sender name and address under Control Panel > Instance settings > Email. At the same time log shows " Skipping email because the sender is not specified" warning.


  • Liferay DXP 7.3 GA +


  • Flag notification email sender addresses and names are implemented separately in FlagsGroupServiceConfiguration.
  • This means that they need to be configured in System Settings > Community Tools > Flags in the Email from Address and Email from Name fields.

  • The default values of these fields are ${server-property://com.liferay.portal/} and ${server-property://com.liferay.portal/}, respectively. Those are server scoped values, not instance scoped, as they are server-properties, so what has been set instance-wide will not have an effect on them.

    If you change ${server-property://com.liferay.portal/} and ${server-property://com.liferay.portal/} to a valid email address with a corresponding name, respectively, and save the configuration, the flag notifications will be sent from that address.


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