Web content repeatable fields cannot reordered in DXP 7.4


  • I am not able to reorder the web content with repeatable fields in DXP 7.4 while creating web content from a structure with repeatable fields.

Reproduction Steps:

  •  Set up DXP 7.4
  •  Go to Content & Data --> Web Content --> Structures and add a structure with a field (for example, text field) and set it to be repeatable.
  •  Go to Web Content and create web content from the structure.
  •  On the content field click on "+" to add several fields and try to reorder the fields.

Actual Result: There is no drag icon to reorder the fields. See attached video: sortrepeatfieldi74.mp4

Expected Result: There should be a drag icon where we can sort the repeatable fields as in DXP 7.3. See attached video tested with DXP 7.3: sortrepeatfield73.mp4


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • The behavior is expected. The option to reorder the web content fields has been removed since DXP 7.4 due to the introduction of Data Engine in DXP 7.4.
  • The Product Team is aware of this change and is working on determining the efforts to introduce the ability to reorder repeated fields in Data Engine in the following Feature Request ticket you can track: LPS-155300
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