Unable to sort the product by price


  • Sort the product by price i.e. low to high or high to low by using the price:asc sort field via catalog delivery headless API.
  • But, getting below exception:
      "status": "BAD_REQUEST",
      "title": "Unable to sort by property: price"


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  • The Liferay DXP's observed behavior is considered a feature request, which can be tracked here: LPS-149804

Additional Information

  • This has been not yet considered for implementation, and considering the same in future releases is up to the discretion and priorities of our developer team.
  • Feature Request ticket, as noted in the Feature Request documentation, these tickets are requests to implement a new feature in future versions of Liferay, and it would be at our Product Team's discretion to determine the timeline of new features being added to Liferay. 
  • As the request progresses, it can be monitored and checked on. The status of the request will change to 'complete' if the Product Team approves it and the feature is implemented, after which a ticket can be submitted to seek a hotfix. In the meantime, one can follow the ticket and vote for this feature by clicking on 'Vote for this issue'.
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