No option to update imported fragment on the current site like web contents


  • No edit option for imported fragments
    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Create a 'Test Frag' fragment (Design->fragments)
    2) Create a 'Test' Page
    3) Add a fragment and web content on this page.
    4) Export it and uncheck the fragments and web content options while doing so.
    5) Create a new 'Site' and import the above .lar file
    6) Not able to see a fragment under Site Menu ->Design->Fragments after importing, however, web content is present with an editable option.
    Observed Behavior: Unlike web content, there are no options to update this imported fragment on this current site.
    Expected Behavior: There should be a way to edit imported fragments like web content.


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  • The observed behavior is the expected behavior of the DXP. 
    • The web content is exported because it would be assigned to a web content display widget. In this case, the web content is included in the export even if users uncheck the web content checkbox in the export configuration (unchecked the export of both web content and fragments).
      Also, the portal provides access to Web Content Edit on a page but this function is not applied for the Fragment yet. Users still need to go to the site menu to edit it.
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