Using 'Fragments' on several sites


  • How can users make use of 'Fragments' across several sites?


  • Liferay DXP 7.3


  • If users want to use fragments across several sites, exporting and importing isn't the best way to go.
    Instead, they can use the 'Global Site' as a central repository for Fragments that they'd like to share with the rest of the sites.
  • All fragments added to the Global site are visible and managed centrally from all sites. If any changes are made to the Fragment at the Global site, then navigate to the fragment card's settings menu, then to 'View site usages', users can choose which sites to propagate the changes to, ensuring that only those sites have the latest versions of the Fragment. (In this case, disable the option 'Propagate Fragment Changes Automatically')

Additional Information

  • View-Site-Usages-global-site__2_.pngpropagate-option-global-site__2_.png
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