Web Content Display Widgets all Display the Same Content after Upgrading


  • When upgrading from 7.2 to 7.4, importing a .LAR file results in the web content display widgets all displaying the same content.
  • Additionally, updating any one of the web content display widgets causes the others to receive the same update. 


  • DXP 7.4 


Alternatively, the following workaround is available and completely viable:

1. In a clean instance of 7.2 create a new temporary site and import the .LAR file.

2. Then go to the default Liferay DXP site (of the same instance) and import the .LAR file again.

3. Now delete the temporary site.

4. Run the standard upgrade process in Liferay 7.4. 


Additional Information

  • For further context there is a condition check that determines if a web content display portlet was inherited from a master page template. And in DXP 7.4 this check passes causing the portlet to recreate itself and then assigns whichever web content article you have viewed as the web content display in the page template. As a result the child pages also display the same web content articles. 
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