Web Content Scheduler timings are incorrect on the UI, and so are not being scheduled at the required time


  • Users are attempting to schedule the display of 'Webcontent' at a specific time. However, it is not being scheduled at the precise time. It is scheduled after an indeterminate period of time.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • Usually, users set the portal's and current user's 'language' and 'time zone' to their local language and time zone, by default display time is not equal to system time.
  • The time zone of the server, Liferay, and the user's system should be set correctly.
  • There are the following steps that need to be taken to set the appropriate time zone so that the contents can be scheduled. 
    1) Instance Settings >Localization> Time Zone
    2) Control Panel > System Settings > Web Content > Virtual Instance Scope > Web Content > Check Interval and change it from 15 to 1 to make testing these scheduled articles quicker.
    By default, it is set to 15 minutes which means that the article checking mechanism will run to check for the web contents every 15 minutes.
    3) If the user still sees that the times appear incorrectly on the UI, please note that the preferred time zone can be set on the User Account level. For this, navigate to My Account > Account Settings > Preferences > Display Settings. Account-Setting-Display-Time__1_.pngDisplay-Date-UI__1_.pngLocalization-timezone__1_.png

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