Customize widget appearance when using Liferay's sharing URL


  • Accessing to a widget's configuration -> Sharing tab, we can get a code snippet to share that widget in an external page. Once we share it externally, sometimes the appearance of that widget might not be as expected. Why and how to change it?


  • Liferay Portal and Liferay DXP


  • When a widget is rendered within Liferay its appearance is going to be defined by the code in portal_normal.ftl and portlet.ftl of the current theme. We link those templates from unstyled theme as a reference.
  • However, when that same widget is rendered out of Liferay with the code snippet mentioned above its appearance is going to depends on portal_pop_up.ftl template, so we need to be sure is aligned with the other ones in case we want to see same look and feel.
  • Additionally and in order to help with this possible customization we recommend to have a look at the available variables init.ftl template such as theme_display, portlet_display, layout_set or portlet_id among others.
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