Problems with Images in WebContent Structures


1. Use a vanilla 7.1 with dxp-2.

2. Enable local staging for a new site.

3. In the staging site create a web content Structure and add a field of type Image and
set the field as "Required".

4. Create a new web content with the structure.

5. Insert test data and in the "image description" field insert a sentence with the apostrophe
character (ex. "this image doesn't work").

6. Publish the WebContent.

7. Publish to Live.

ISSUE 2 -> Error: The Web Content Article test image could not be imported because of the following error: Invalid XPath expression: //dynamic-element[@type='image']/dynamic-content[contains(text(),'{"groupId":"34367","name":"barletta.jpg","alt":"this image doesn't work","title":"barletta.jpg","type":"journal","uuid":"b11102cb-1f88-6e89-6eb1-cf3c6551aeeb","fileEntryId":"45003","resourcePrimKey":"45001"}')] Expected: ).

if we removed the "apostrophe" the publish to live works fine.



  • Liferay DXP 7.1


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