06-02-2024 Release Updates


  • LCD-34049 Marketplace App Enhanced Resource Validation for Liferay SaaS: Implemented a new feature that integrates Liferay Cloud services with our Marketplace, enabling automatic validation of cloud resources (CPU and memory) before app purchases. This ensures that customers have the necessary infrastructure to successfully run new apps, enhancing user experience and system reliability.

  • LCD-34170 VerticalPodAutoscalers for Core Services: Implemented VerticalPodAutoscalers (VPA) for core services in Liferay Cloud, enhancing resource management by providing CPU and memory recommendations for development environments, thereby optimizing performance and stability. 

  • LCD-33708 Elasticsearch Version Update: Updated Elasticsearch to versions 8.11.4 and 7.17.16, enhancing search capabilities and ensuring greater system stability and performance.

  • LCD-34024   - "Jump to now" Button on Logs Page: Added a "Jump to now" button on the Logs page to enhance user convenience by allowing immediate access to the most current log activities, thereby restoring efficient and real-time monitoring capabilities that were affected by recent updates.

Bug Fixes

  • LCD-34007   - Autoscaling Report Accuracy Improvement: Improved the report accuracy for the Auto Scaling feature in Liferay SaaS. Updated the cost calculation algorithm to aggregate multiple scaling events within the same hour, ensuring customers are informed about cost in a more clear way. This enhancement promotes transparency and customer satisfaction.

  • LCD-34953   - Fixed Log Fetching Issue: Fixed an issue where logs were not displaying on the Logs page due to an invalid parameter error. Customers can now successfully view logs in the Liferay Cloud, enhancing troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities.

  • LCD-34630   - Adjustment in Activity Log Validation: Enhanced the reliability of reading activities on Liferay Cloud by adjusting the validation period to 92 days. This change prevents errors related to date calculations and ensures a smoother user experience when accessing older activity logs.