15-02-2024 Release Updates

Bug Fixes

  • LCD-35134 Logs Page Loading Issue Resolved Resolved a loading issue with the Logs page in specific Liferay Cloud environments, enhancing troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities.

  • LCD-32129 API Webserver Services Route Enhancement Enhanced API webserver services route now allows project administrators to directly access webserver certificate details, improving control over security credentials.


  • LCD-32756- Enhanced User Name Validation API and Console now restrict non-alphabetical characters below ASCII 127 in user names to bolster security and data integrity.

  • LCD-35149 35149: Update Activities Query and Tests Enhanced the Activities query by introducing a 92-day upper limit to improve performance. Adjusted integration tests in ActivityRepository.ts for accuracy.

  • LCD-31483 Join Clusters in API Enhanced API cluster utilization through integration of Cluster Auto Discovery. This update optimizes API performance by prioritizing clusters identified by the discovery feature, reducing latency.