No inventory selectable in shipment


  • When placing a order in commerce and going through the order process I can select to create a order. After creating the shipment I can select which items to ship in this shipment and afterwards I am able to select from which inventory i want to take the commerce product when I am in a vanilla Liferay.
    When I am creating a shipment and want to select which inventory should be used for the product in the shipment i can not see the inventories as in vanilla. We do have the products in multiple inventories though.

    I would expect that we can select the quantity from a warehouse


  • 7.4


  • this probably happens because your warehouses are not connected to your channel. If you edit one of the warehouses, go to the "Eligibility" tab and change from "No Channel" to "Specific Channels" and select your channel: it will be displayed in the Shipment.
    When you are testing in vanilla, using the Minium template for example, the sample warehouses will be set to the created channel, so probably this is why you only experienced the issue in your specific environment.