15-05-2024 Release Candidate


LCD-31060 Viewing Autoscaling Data

LCD-31148 API route that returns liferay's persistent storage bucket name and access token

LCD-35770 Change Plan Page Routing Path and Navigation Experience

LCD-36008 Continuous Log Flow

LCD-37205 Discontinue generation of 7.0 liferay-dxp service images


LCD-35589 Logs Page - Build Number looks clickable but it's not

LCD-35788 Autoscaling notification email contains wrong information

LCD-37322 Fix console displays restore database only when it restores both database and doclib

LCD-37368 CI builds failing - Cannot read properties of null (reading 'major')

LCD-37610 Janitor job CleanStaleServiceAccountBindings is returning runtime issues

LCD-37806 Endpoint errors handled by "errorMiddleware" are not being logged correctly after changes in log semantics

LCD-37969 Change default value to true for env var LCP_API_CLUSTER_DISCOVERY_ENABLED


LCD-33541 Docker image vulnerability: mongodb-sanitizer > master > openssl

LCD-36716 Fix circularity: DeploymentModule <-> shared.ts|config.ts|start.ts

LCD-37223 Make assertUpcomingServicesAmount mock-friendly, unlock unit tests

LCD-37356 FIx DeploymentActivities integration tests