Testing and Launching Liferay Tomcat Server

Once your Liferay Portal Server is set up, you can launch it from the Servers tab in Eclipse. You have a few options for launching and stopping the server once it’s selected in the Servers tab.

From the Servers tab:

  • Click on the green Start the Server button to launch it (or use Ctrl+Alt+R).
  • Click on the red Stop the Server button to stop it (or use Ctrl+Alt+S). You’ll only see this button if the server is running.
  • Right click the server and select Start.
  • Right click on the server and select Stop.

From Eclipse’s Run menu:

  • Select Run to start the server.

Once the server is launched, you can open Liferay portal home from the Servers tab by right clicking your Liferay Tomcat server and selecting Open Liferay Portal Home.

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