Handling Indexing in the Entry Service Layer

Enabling Search and Indexing for Guestbook Entries
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Whenever a guestbook entry is added, updated, or deleted, the corresponding document should also be updated or deleted. A minor update to each of the addEntry, updateEntry, and deleteEntry service methods for guestbook entries is all it takes.

Follow these steps to update the methods:

  1. Open EntryLocalServiceImpl in the guestbook-service module’s com.liferay.docs.guestbook.service.impl package, and add the annotation @Indexable(type = IndexableType.REINDEX) above the signature for the addEntry and updateEntry methods:

    @Indexable(type = IndexableType.REINDEX)
    public Entry addEntry(...)
    @Indexable(type = IndexableType.REINDEX)
    public Entry updateEntry(...)

    The @Indexable annotation indicates that an index update is required following method execution. The EntryIndexer controls exactly how the indexing happens. Setting the @Indexable annotation’s type to IndexableType.REINDEX updates the document in the index that corresponds to the updated entry.

  2. Add the @Indexable(type = IndexableType.DELETE) annotation above the signature for the deleteEntry method. The indexable type IndexableType.DELETE ensures that the entry is deleted from the index:

    @Indexable(type = IndexableType.DELETE)
    public Entry deleteEntry(...)
  3. Add the required imports:

    import com.liferay.portal.kernel.search.Indexable;
    import com.liferay.portal.kernel.search.IndexableType;

    Save the file.

  4. In the Gradle Tasks pane on the right-hand side of Liferay Developer Studio, double-click buildService in guestbook-servicebuild. This re-runs Service Builder to incorporate your changes to EntryLocalServiceImpl.

Awesome! Both guestbooks and their entries now have search and indexing support in the back-end. Next, you’ll enable search in the Guestbook portlet’s front-end.

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