Introduction to Testing

Assuring top quality is paramount in producing awesome software. Test driven development plays a key role in this process. Liferay’s tooling and integration with standard test frameworks support test driven development and help you reach quality milestones. Here are the ways Liferay facilitates testing:

  • Unit testing: Using JUnit to unit test Liferay DXP modules in Gradle and Maven build environments and in IDEs that have JUnit plugins is seamless.
  • Integration testing: The Arquillian Extension for Liferay lets you spin up a Liferay DXP instance, deploy modules whose components provide and consume services, and exercise their APIs. Liferay’s @Inject annotation allows you to inject service instances into tests.
  • Functional testing: Selenium and the Arquillian Extension for Liferay support functional UI testing.
  • Code Coverage: JaCoCo analyzes and reports test code coverage.
  • Slim Runtime: Liferay Slim Runtime facilitates testing modules (including Service Builder modules) in a fast, lightweight environment.

Unit testing is the first step in test driven development.

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