Running the Arquillian Example

You’re ready to run the Arquillian Blade Example tests. Open a terminal to the project root and execute the following command:

gradlew testIntegration

The command does these things:

  1. Downloads and installs Liferay DXP 7.0 bundled with Apache Tomcat
  2. Starts a Liferay DXP 7.0 server
  3. Runs the tests, including the functional browser-based tests
  4. Shuts down the server
  5. Reports test and code coverage results

For testIntegration task details, examine the build.gradle file in the project root.

The command can take several minutes to execute because of all it does.

Test results are found in these locations:

  • Tests: build\reports\tests\testIntegration\index.html
  • Code Coverage: build\reports\coverage\index.html

Figure 1: Open the test reports to analyze the results.

Figure 1: Open the test reports to analyze the results.

Now that you’ve examined Arquillian functional and integration tests and JaCoCo code coverage capabilities, you can create similar tests and improve test code coverage in your projects.

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