Styling the Footer

As you create a theme, you want to keep the whole picture in view. The footer can be seen as the bow that nicely wraps the finished package. With that in mind, it’s good to find a way to unify the theme with the Footer’s design; in this case, its look is matched to the navigation bar’s.

  1. Add the following code to custom.css below the Footer placeholder and save the file:

         background-color: $themeMainColor;
         padding: 35px;
             .powered-by {
                 color: #FFF;
                 float: right;
                 margin-top: 0;

The footer is now styled to match the navigation bar and padded to give its content more room. The ‘powered-by’ link has also been given a text color to match the navigation links. The Footer’s content is sparse at the moment, but this will change later in the Learning Path.

Up to this point you’re styling has been focused on the macro picture, dealing with the larger elements of the page. Next you’ll explore the micro picture a bit and focus your styling on an individual portlet.

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