Introduction to Liferay Faces Bridge UI Components

Although the JSR 329 standard does not define any JSF components that bridge implementations are required to provide, Liferay Faces Bridge comes with a handful of components that are helpful to use in JSF portlets. To learn more about Liferay Faces Bridge, visit the Understanding Liferay Faces Bridge tutorial.

For listings, demos, and code examples of Liferay Faces Bridge components, check out the Liferay Faces Showcase.

The Liferay Faces Bridge project home page can be found at

Because Liferay Faces has several active versions (targeting different versions of JSF, Liferay Portal, etc.), there are several versions of the project View Declaration Language (VDL) documentation for these tags:

Liferay Faces 4.2:

Liferay Faces 3.2:

Liferay Faces 3.1:

Liferay Faces 3.0:

Liferay Faces 3.0-legacy:

Liferay Faces Bridge provides UI component tags under the bridge and portlet namespaces for the Bridge and Portlet 2.0 tags, respectively. In the following tutorials, you’ll explore several of these tags and learn about how they work inside a JSF portlet.

Liferay Faces Alloy UI Components

Understanding Liferay Faces Bridge

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