Liferay Home

Liferay Portal uses a special folder defined as Liferay Home. This folder is usually one folder higher than the location of the application server itself. This is why the bundles place the application server one folder in from the bundle’s root folder.

If Liferay is unable to create the resources it needs in this folder or if it finds itself running on certain application servers, it creates a folder called liferay in the home folder of the user ID that is running Liferay, and that becomes Liferay Home.

The home folder is important to the operation of Liferay. The aforementioned folders (data and deploy) are created there, and Liferay’s properties configuration files are also stored there.

We recommend using the setup wizard to configure your database and mail sessions when you first configure Liferay. This creates a file where all the settings from the setup wizard are stored. When you begin customizing your portal’s configuration, we recommend you create a separate properties file for that, called This allows you to keep your server configuration properties separate from core properties like your database and mail server configurations. All the possible properties that can be placed in this file are documented in our reference documentation.

Let’s move on and discuss Liferay Portal security.

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