Enabling workflow

Liferay’s Kaleo workflow engine can be installed for both CE and EE versions of Liferay. The web plugin’s name is kaleo-web and is bundled in the Kaleo Forms EE and Kaleo Workflow CE apps on Liferay marketplace, which you can access through the Apps section of the Control Panel. Installing the plugin adds a Workflow option under the Configuration section of your Control Panel.

The kaleo-web plugin comes bundled with one worfklow called the Single Approver Workflow. This workflow requires one approval before an asset can be published. One of the conveniences of using Liferay’s workflow engine is that any roles specified in the workflow definition are created automatically when the definition is deployed. This provides a level of integration with the portal that third party engines cannot match. The Single Approver Workflow contains three roles, each with different scopes. You can deduce the scope of each role by its name: Site Content Reviewer, Organization Content Reviewer and Portal Content Reviewer.

Let’s jump right in and create a workflow process definition.

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