Akismet is a web-based spam detection service. The Akismet app, available from Liferay Marketplace, integrates Liferay with Akismet to provide spam detection for Liferay’s message boards, blogs, wikis, and comments. When you install the Akismet app from Liferay Marketplace, two portlets are added to the Control Panel: the Akismet portlet is added to the Configuration section and the Spam Moderation portlet is added to the Content section of Site Administration.

In order to enable Liferay to use Akismet, you need to visit http://akismet.com, create an account, and generate an API key. Once you’ve generated an API key, navigate to the Configuration section of the Control Panel and click on Akismet. Enter your API key into the provided field and check the Enabled for Message Boards and Enabled for Discussion boxes. The term “discussions” is another way to refer to comment threads in Liferay. Optionally, you can customize the Reportable Time and the Check Threshold. The Reportable Time indicates the time in days after a post is created or updated that it can be marked as spam or not spam. The Check Threshold indicates the number of posts after which Akismet will no longer check posts. After you’ve finished configuring Akismet, click Save.

To see Akismet in action, add some message board posts or comment on some existing Liferay assets. See if you can get Akismet to mark one as spam. If Akismet doesn’t mark a post as spam, you can always manually do as an administrator. Once one or more posts have been marked as spam, navigate to the Content section of the Site Administration section of the Control Panel, then click on Spam Moderation. Here, you can find all the message board posts, discussions (comments), and wiki pages that have been marked as spam. You can select all the posts that you agree are spam and delete them. You can also select any posts that you don’t agree are spam and mark them as Not Spam. If you’re not sure about a post, click the Actions button and select View in Context to view the post in its original setting.

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