Variable Rate Shipping

Variable rate shipping calculates shipping costs using three factors: the order’s weight, its subtotal (cost before shipping and taxes), and any fixed price you impose. You choose the priority of each factor.

You can create multiple different shipping options with variable rates. For example, you might create a “Standard Ground” option with a relatively low cost per unit of weight, as well as a “Two-Day Air” option that calculates costs in the same way but results in a higher price.

Creating a Variable Rate Shipping Option

Variable-rate shipping costs are determined by the following formula: `shipping costs = [fixed price] + ([order total weight] x [rate unit weight price])

  • ([order subtotal] x [rate percentage])`.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Site MenuCommerceSettings and click the Shipping Method tab. Choose the Variable Rate method and then the Shipping Options tab.

  2. Click Add and fill in the following fields:

    Name: Buyers see this name when selecting a shipping option.

    Description: Information about the option—delivery time, guarantees, insurance and the like—should go in this field.

    Priority: Sets the option display order. Lower numbers come first.

  3. Click Save. Then click the Shipping Option Settings tab.

  4. Click Add and fill in the following fields:

    Shipping Option: Select the shipping option for this setting. The first time through, select the option you named in step 2.

    Warehouse: Select a warehouse if this method should apply only to shipments from one location. Leave blank to use this method for all warehouses.

    Country, Region, Zip: Make an entry if this shipping method should be restricted to destinations within the area you define.

    Weight From, Weight To: Enter a weight range for orders that can use this option.

    Fixed Price: An entry in this field sets an effective minimum price and contributes the fixed component of the shipping cost formula. It can be left blank.

    Rate Unit Weight Price: An entry in this field imposes a cost per unit of weight. It can be left blank.

    Rate Percentage: An entry in this field imposes a shipping cost based on a percentage of the order subtotal. It can be left blank.

  5. Click Save. To create more than one option, return to the Shipping Options tab and repeat steps 2 through 4.

  6. Click the Details tab and check the Active box. Click Save.

The Details tab also contains fields for changing the name and description of the flat rate shipping method type. They may be useful for reference, but the text is not automatically displayed to buyers. You can also set a priority, which orders variable rate shipping methods relative to other types.

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