Liferay Commerce stores a country list that appears wherever a user is prompted to enter a country (typically to enter a shipping or billing address). Go to Site MenuCommerceSettings and click on the Countries tab to view the countries in the system. On this page you can edit the countries in this list, or—if geopolitical events warrant—add or delete them.

You can also allow shipping and billing for countries you support. Follow these steps:

  1. To edit a country, click on its name, or else on OptionsEdit.

  2. Check or uncheck the Billing Allowed and Shipping Allowed boxes.

  3. Click Save.

When editing a country you can also change its identifying information (name, ISO codes), determine whether billing and shipping to that country is permitted, and select a priority (priority determines where in a menu a country appears. Lowest numbers come first). You can also deactivate a country by unchecking the Active box. This removes the country from all menus.


You can add regions to countries so users can choose from a menu when entering an address. By default, regions are already in place for the USA and Italy. Follow these steps to add a new region:

  1. Click on a country’s name and then on the Regions sub-tab.

  2. Click Add, enter a name, an ISO code, and priority.

  3. Check the Active box and hit Save.

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