Introduction to Management

You know how all these retailers advertise themselves as a “one stop shop” for anything you want? The idea is they have so much stuff that chances are whatever you’re looking for is there. Liferay’s control panel is something like this. If you want to create users, sites, organizations, configure permissions and plugins and pretty much anything else, you’ll do it with the control panel. The nice thing about the control panel is it makes all this very easy to do. This chapter takes all the concepts you learned about Liferay in chapter 1 (sites, organizations, and more) and makes them concrete. Here, you’ll learn how to create and manage every aspect of Liferay’s configuration.

This chapter explains how to use the control panel to manage the following:

  • Users
  • Organizations
  • User Groups
  • Roles
  • Password Policies
  • Authentication Policies
  • Global User Settings

Let’s begin our examination of Liferay’s control panel by looking at how to manage users in Liferay Portal.

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