Introduction to Documentation Errata

For Liferay 6.1 and backward, the documentation’s primary format was books. We created two books: Using Liferay Portal and Liferay Portal Developers Guide. When you publish a book, it’s set in stone: that ISBN must point to that book, and that book must be the same everywhere. For that reason, when we had post-publication corrections to the books, we had to publish them as errata, and we did that on the Liferay Wiki. Since we’ve retired the Liferay Wiki, errata for 6.1 documentation now appears here.

Going forward, the documentation’s primary format is the site, though we will still publish books. For that reason, we’ll place a note in the front of the book that says the book content is a snapshot in time of the site’s content, and that the site is updated regularly. That way, we satisfy the requirements of having a published book set in stone, but errata isn’t required: we can place fixes directly in the documentation on the site. That’s a win for everybody.

Unfortunately, for 6.1 documentation, since we did not place a notice like that in the book, we need to keep updating this errata page. So consider this a convenient place where all the fixes to the 6.1 documentation can go. It’s also a small snapshot of our legacy of creating documentation primarily as books, a pointer to the past, a stark comparison of where we’ve been and the bright future to which we’re heading.

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