Organizing Folders for Larger Applications

Refactoring the Prototype
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Currently, all your JSPs sit in your web module’s src/main/resources/META-INF/resources folder, which serves as the context root folder. To make a clear separation between the Guestbook portlet and the Guestbook Admin portlet, you must place the files that make up their view layers in separate folders:

  1. In the guestbook-web project, right click the src/main/resources/META-INF/resources folder and select NewFolder. Name the new folder guestbookwebportlet and click Finish.

  2. Copy view.jsp and edit_entry.jsp into the new folder by dragging and dropping them there.

  3. Open both files and change the init.jsp location at the top of the file:

    <%@include file="../init.jsp"%>        
  4. Check the other references to JSPs within the files to make sure that they point to the new locations.

As you update your view layer to take full advantage of the new back-end, you’ll update any references to the old paths. In addition, you must update the resource location in your component properties. In the next step, you’ll update all of those properties, including the one that defines the resource location.

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