Liferay Workspace

A Liferay Workspace is a generated environment that is built to hold and manage your Liferay projects. This workspace is intended to aid in the management of Liferay projects by providing various Gradle build scripts and configured properties. This is the official way to create Liferay DXP 7.0 modules using Gradle. For those developers that still want to develop WAR-style plugins using the Plugins SDK, this way is also supported using a Liferay Workspace. Do you prefer Maven over Gradle? See the Maven Workspace tutorial to learn about using Liferay Workspace with Maven.

Liferay Workspaces can be used in many different development environments, which makes it flexible and applicable to many different developers. You can download the Liferay Workspace installer and run it to install Blade CLI (default CLI for workspace) and initialize a new Liferay Workspace.

You can also use it with other developer IDEs. For example, a Liferay Workspace easily integrates with Liferay Developer Studio, providing a seamless development experience. To learn more about Liferay Developer Studio and using workspace with it, see the Creating a Liferay Workspace with Liferay Developer Studio tutorial.

Your workspace also offers Gradle properties that you can modify to help manage the generated folders. There are also some folders that aren’t generated by default, but can be manually created and set. This provides you the power to customize your workspace’s folder structure any way you’d like. To learn more info on a workspace’s folder structure and how you can configure a workspace, see the Configuring a Liferay Workspace tutorial.

Liferay Workspaces offer a full development lifecycle for your modules to make your Liferay development easier than ever. The development lifecycle includes creating, building, deploying, testing, and releasing modules. To learn more about the development lifecycle of a Liferay Workspace, see the Development Lifecycle for a Liferay Workspace tutorial.

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