Styling the Content Div

The Content <div> is used to position and set the dimensions for the theme’s content. Currently the Content <div> is pressed right up against the edge of the Wrapper, giving the theme a claustrophobic feel. It’s time to give the content a little breathing room.

  1. Add the following code to custom.css below the Content placeholder:

     #content {
         background-color: $bkColor;
         padding: 0px 20px;
         /* ---------- Carousel ---------- */
         .carousel {
             z-index: 0;
         .img:hover {
             opacity: 0.5;
         /*------Out of This World------*/
         #columnLeft { 
             font-size: 36px; 
             line-height: 60px;   
             text-align: center;
             color: $themeMainColor;
         #columnRight {
             font-size: 16px;
             line-height: 30px;            
             color: #696969;
         /*------Reserve Button------*/
         #reserveBtnWrapper {
             margin-left: auto;
             margin-right: auto;
             padding-bottom: 25px;
             width: 300px;
             #reserveBtn {
                 background-color: #00C4FB;
                 border-radius: 10px;                    
                 color: #FFF;
                 font-size: 1.5em;
                 height: 62px;
                 margin: 30px;
                 padding: 10px 0;
                     &:hover {
                         background-color: $themeMainColor;
                     a {
                         border-radius: 10px;                        
                         color: #FFF;
                         padding: 9px 10px;
                         text-decoration: none;
         /*--Portlet styles---*/
         .portlet {
             .portlet-title {
                 img {
                     display: none;

    This adds some padding between the edge of the Wrapper and the Content <div>s. It also creates styles for some web content articles on the Welcome page and removes the portlet icons from the bordered portlets.

    The carousel has been given some styling as well. It’s been centered and some spacing has been added between the breadcrumbs and the carousel. The carousel has also been given a z-index of 0, so the navigation shows above it. Save the file and navigate to the Welcome page.

  2. Save the file and refresh the browser. Sometimes, you may need to redeploy the theme.

Your theme should look similar to the figure below:

Figure 1: The content is clearer to read now that the there is some padding.

Figure 1: The content is clearer to read now that the there is some padding.

Three down and one to go! You can move on to the Footer’s styling next.

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