Setting up the Lunar Resort Example Portal

Suppose that you’ve been assigned the task of building a web site for an innovative new company called Lunar Resort, Inc. You’ve decided to take advantage of Liferay Portal and its rapid deployment features as well as its ability to get a fully functional, content-rich web site with integrated social features up and running in little time. We can get you started. We’ll walk you through the creation of the Lunar Resort’s web site, starting by creating and publishing some simple content using Liferay’s built-in WYSIWYG editor. In the next chapter, we’ll take advantage of Liferay’s robust structure editor. Then we’ll use templates to display the content and then explore some of the advanced publishing features such as the built-in workflow and Asset Publisher.

First, a little housekeeping. If we’re going to be the Lunar Resort, our portal should also be called Lunar Resort. To set general information about your portal like the name and mail domain, go to the Control Panel and select Portal Settings under the Configuration heading. You could set up the configuration for the Lunar Resort as follows.

Figure 2.2: You can change the portal settings by navigating to the Control Panel and selecting Portal Settings.

Figure 2.2: You can change the portal settings by navigating to the Control Panel and selecting *Portal Settings*.

You can also customize the logo in the top left corner of every page by selecting Display Settings under the Miscellaneous tab on the panel to the right. Once you’ve made the changes, we can begin creating pages. With most products, you would learn what the software can do in terms of setting up your users and security model and then start building your system. You’d design your infrastructure and get your server environment up and running while your developers write the applications that live on your web site. With Liferay Portal, however, you start farther ahead. Liferay Portal is more than just a container for applications with a robust security model. It already includes many of the applications you’ll need, out of the box. These applications are ready to go and are integrated with the rest of Liferay’s user management and security features.

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