Redeploying an Ext Plugin

After editing an Ext plugin, you must follow a slightly different process to redeploy your Ext plugin. This section assumes you’re redeploying an Ext plugin in Liferay Workspace.

  1. Stop the Liferay DXP server.

  2. Delete your Ext plugin bundle, which resides in your app server’s webapps folder.

  3. (Optional) If you removed part(s) of your plugin, if there are changes to your plugin that can affect plugin deployment, or if you want to start with a clean Liferay DXP environment, you must also clean your application server. You can clean the application server by deleting your Liferay Home and regenerating the bundle. This is done in Liferay Workspace by calling blade server init.

  4. From your Ext plugin root folder, run blade deploy (Gradle or Maven) or mvn verify (Maven only).

    The deploy target creates a .war file with your changes and then deploys it to your server. A BUILD SUCCESSFUL message indicates your plugin is now being deployed. Your console window running Liferay DXP shows a message like this:

    Extension environment for sample-ext has been applied. You must
    reboot the server and redeploy all other plugins.
  5. After your plugin is published to Liferay DXP, verify that your customizations are available.

You’re all set to redeploy Ext plugins!

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