Deploying an Ext Module

Before deploying your Ext module, you must stop the original bundle you intend to override. This is because an Ext module’s generated JAR includes the original bundle source plus your modified source files.

Follow the instructions below to deploy your Ext module to a Liferay DXP instance:

  1. Connect to your portal instance using Gogo Shell.

  2. Search for the bundle ID of the original bundle to override. To find the com.liferay.login.web bundle, execute this command:

    lb -s | grep com.liferay.login.web

    This returns output similar to this:

    423|Active   |   10|com.liferay.login.web (3.0.4)

    Make note of the ID (e.g., 423).

  3. Stop the bundle:

    stop 423

Once the original bundle is stopped, deploy the Ext module. Note that you cannot leverage Blade or Gradle’s deploy command to do this. The deploy command deploys the module to the osgi\marketplace\override folder by default, which does not configure Ext modules properly for usage. You should build and copy the Ext module’s JAR to the deploy folder manually.

You’re all set to deploy Ext modules!

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