Introduction to Deploying Liferay DXP

Liferay DXP is one of the most flexible applications on the market today with respect to database and application server support. It supports a wide variety of databases and application servers, freeing you to use the ones you want. Liferay DXP also scales very well. You can install it on a shared hosting account, on a multi-node cluster running a commercial application server, or on anything in between. In fact, Liferay DXP is used successfully in all of these scenarios every day.

You’ll find that because of Liferay DXP’s flexibility in its deployment options, it is also easy to install. If you already have an application server, you can use your application server’s deployment tools to install Liferay DXP. If you don’t already have an application server, Liferay provides several application server bundles from which to choose. These are pre-configured application servers with Liferay DXP already installed on them. With a small amount of configuration, these can be made into production-ready systems.

There are some preparations to make before installing. You must create a database and install a supported Java Development Kit (JDK). It can also be worthwhile to pre-configure or gather information for configuring a data source, mail session, and more. You’ll get guidance for these preparations.

Lastly, you’ll install and deploy Liferay DXP for the first time and then set up Marketplace. You can continue configuring and tuning as you desire.

Read on to obtain the Liferay DXP installer that’s right for you.

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